UML2 Tools are not part of the Helios relase. According to Ed Merks they are no longer being maintained. Consequently, the Coffea plug-in needs refactoring. The coming objective will be to separate the UML2 Tools dependencies from the rest of the plug-in. As a result, the current plug-in will only allow reverse-engineering using the UML2 API to produce an XMI compliant document. An independent new plug-in should propose code edition with the UML2 Tools.

This project is an eclipse plug-in aiming to link the eclipse UML2 and UML2 Tools to the Java development tools.

To use the plug-in, you need an eclipse Galileo distribution including the Java development tools and the UML2 tools : just download the jar file and deploy it in the eclipse plug-ins directory.

In the latest package, the plug-in allows to reverse java packages code to UML diagrams ; selected classes and attributes are displayed in the class diagram editor in the workbench navigators views. Classes, properties and packages creation, renaming and removal performed using the editor are propagated to the code.

To join this project, please contact the administrator, as shown on the project summary page.